You can book your event up to 2 years in advance. 

We typically start the event off soft with low volume as guests are talking and mingling during the dinner/cocktail set. As the night progresses and the dancing commences, we turn up the bass and the volume a bit but never uncomfortably loud. The band runs an in ear monitor system to eliminate almost all stage volume issues. We also work with the best drummers in the business and they understand their role in stage volume. 

We accept Paypal, credit cards, checks, and money orders.

The moment the band goes on break the band will launch prerecord DJ mixes and pre- negotiated special break songs. Breaks are usually the times announcements and toasts are scheduled therefore a member of the band will be stationed by the stage ready to give microphones and mute break music. Band breaks vary in length due to different event needs but a pure band break is 15 mins.

Groove! HD

Frequently Asked Questions

The deposit is 50% of the quote price and is due on the contract execution date. The deposit will be refundable until the date specified in the contract.

MC services include: Making announcement for start of meals, buffet line arrangements, last calls for alcohol, bridal party entrances, introduction of the bride and groom, calling for speeches, calling for dances, cake cutting announcements, garter toss, bouquet toss, and farewell announcements.

To book the band first submit the form on our contact page. Please be sure to include the event type, your event date, event location, the approximate number of guests, an email address, a valid phone number, and which package from our services page you feel meets your event needs best. We will respond to your inquiry within 24hrs including a general price and we will place a 2 day soft hold on your event date. Once all event needs are determined we will send an official quote and contract for your date.